• Action 9: Family says company would not give back refundable deposit for home

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    GASTONIA, N.C. - A family put down hundreds of dollars with a Gastonia company for their dream home, but when the deal fell through, the company would not give them back their refundable deposit.

    So they turned to Action 9 for help and finally got answers.

    Lyn Lyman and his family raise horses. They do not want to change a thing about their pastures, but they do want to get rid this single wide and put a modular home on the property instead.

    They found one at Walkwell Homes in Gastonia and had a spot picked out for it.

    They put down $500, a deposit Walkwell Homes agreed was refundable, but they had credit problems and things did not work out.

    They were fine with that.

    "It is not their fault, it is not our fault. It is just the way it is," said Lyman.

    But they still wanted that $500 back.

    They showed Action 9 how often they texted the business asking for a refund, without luck.

    "But for right now, I am not going to leave my $500 with them. I do not think that would be a fair scenario," said Lyman.

    Attorney David Thurman, who is not tied to the case, said if you run into this problem, at least make sure to complain to the business in writing so there is a record if you end up suing to get your money back.

    "Putting in writing is worth 10 times more than having it verbally," said Thurman.

    But for the Lymans, it did not go as far as court.

    They got in touch with Action 9.

    Action 9 went to Walkwell homes and the owner said she meant to pay the Lymans all along.

    She promised Action 9 it would not drag on anymore and it didn't she gave them their deposit back, $500 in cash.

    Lyman is glad it is over after; he said nine months of waiting.

    "You know if it would not have been for you going down there, I am about positive I still would not have had my money back," said Lyman.

    And that money will help pay for the newest addition to their family -- a mule named "Big Bertha."

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    Action 9: Family says company would not give back refundable deposit for home