Action 9 helps retired Mooresville officer get new law enforcement license plate

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Frank Owens spent years as a Mooresville police officer. He served on the town’s Board of Commissioners and even earned the prestigious Order of the Long Leaf Pine, the highest award the governor can give for public service.

Now, Owens spends his day volunteering in the community. But recently, he needed help with the Division of Motor Vehicles, so he turned to Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke.

Being a retired Mooresville police officer is something Owens is proud of. So proud that he bought a law enforcement license plate.

“And my number was 0662,” he said.

That’s a fairly low number, and he really cherishes it. People who retire now have much higher ones.

“And I just wanted people to know when they see me that I’ve been retired basically a long time,” Owens said.

But over time, the tag started fading. The badge on the tag is supposed to be colored, but it looks black and white.

Owens said the DMV told him it could replace the tag, but that it couldn’t give him the same number. He would get a new one in the thousands.

He then contacted Stoogenke, who then emailed the DMV and -- the next day -- the agency said it resolved the situation. The agency didn’t go into detail, but Owens wasn’t too worried about the reason.

“A lady called me from Raleigh and asked to speak to me and I told her it was me. She said, ‘Your new tag will be there in about four to six weeks.’ And I said, ‘What number am I getting?’ And she said, ‘0662,’” Owens said.

Now, his tag is easy to read as he drives around town.

Stoogenke said these cases can be difficult. He advises people to be persistent, and if they can’t get their case resolved on their own, to contact Action 9.

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