Action 9 helps woman get cash back after ATM snatches $120

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — A Huntersville woman claims an ATM showed her the money, then snatched it back before she could remove her withdrawal.

Johnnie White says she went to a Bank of America ATM in Huntersville withdraw $120.

“The money came up in the tray, but it immediately snatched it back down,” she told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke.

But her receipt still showed that she received the money, so when she contacted the bank, they didn’t make much of an effort to help her.

“That made them think I had the money because it looked as though I did,” she said.

After several months, the bank still had not refunded her, so White emailed Action 9 for help.

“A dog chasing its tail, that’s the way I was, just going around in circles, you know? And it was getting disgusting,” she said.

Stoogenke contacted the bank, which offered to help White.

“Once I contacted you, I would say, in about three days, the bank called me and told me that they were going to give me my money back,” White said.

Action 9 also asked a bank representative how the machine could have taken the money back, but the representative didn’t provide an explanation, simply saying that they had resolved the situation.

“I was overjoyed because I’ve been trying for almost a year,” White said. “And nothing happened until I contacted you.”

Stoogenke suggests that if an ATM takes your money or card, or something else goes wrong, to not panic and do the following:

  • Note the exact date, time and address of the ATM.
  • Go inside and tell a worker what happened if the machine is attached to or located outside of a bank or financial institution.
  • Always talk to the bank or financial institution first, not the ATM company. If the issue involves money, the bank may spot you the amount while it investigates.
  • Don’t be afraid to be persistent.