• Action 9: Man promised free NFL package from service provider

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Billy Rowe is wearing the hat of his favorite team, the Redskins, and watching Robert Griffin III highlights.

    "Love the game. It's an awesome game," he said.

    Rowe says when he moved last summer DirecTV offered him free NFL Sunday Ticket and free DVR to remain a subscriber.

    He said he confirmed it with three DirecTV reps, but when the season started, DirecTV began charging him $49 a month.

    "They said it was free and say something is free, then it should be free," Rowe said.

    Rowe complained to DirecTV and they refunded the first month's payment. They told him since he was a recurring NFL Sunday Ticket customer, he wasn't eligible for the free offer.

    "Of course there is nowhere in the terms and conditions of that, so I was not going to accept that," he said.

    Rather than risk losing his DirecTV service, Rowe paid the following three months of Sunday Ticket fees totaling $150. Then he got fed up and came to Action 9.

    Action 9 got in touch with DirecTV. That's when the satellite provider immediately gave Rowe a full credit, plus the rest of the NFL season, for free.

    "It was awesome. Once I got in touch with you guys and you did the work," Rowe said.

    Billy said now he'll really get hyped up, watching RGIII electrify the fans.

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    Action 9: Man promised free NFL package from service provider