• Action 9: Man says company sent him broken brace

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A local man said he called a company for weeks after it sent him a broken brace that he needed for his back problems. He was so desperate he said he sometimes called them twice a day.

    Bernie Anderson has back problems, so his doctor prescribed a $1,200 inflatable back brace paid for by Medicare, but Anderson said there was one problem.

    "It doesn't work. It doesn't even work when I pump it," said Anderson.

    Anderson gave it several pumps, but the brace still wouldn't inflate.

    "It's no good to me. Your hands give out trying to get air when there isn't any air going into it," said Anderson.

    Anderson said the company that sent him the back brace is Allied Home Medical in Cookeville, Tenn. He said he has called the company many times in the past month.

    "Sometime I call them twice a day. They never do answer, so I get disgusted and hang up," he said

    Action 9 decided to call the company.

    A manager told Action 9 it had already called Anderson to schedule a repair visit, and that's when Anderson jumped in.

    "Nobody told me, nobody called me. That's what they're supposed to do," said Anderson.

    The manager then promised to have a repairman at Anderson's house in two days, and that is what happened. He said the hand pump was the problem, and the repairman replaced it for Anderson.

    "It's working," said Anderson, who then credited Action 9,.<period "I appreciate you coming out here and getting this problem solved!"

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    Action 9: Man says company sent him broken brace