• Action 9: Man says many neighbors want company to take care of their broken air conditioners

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A man said when he started researching a problem with his air conditioner that he realized many of his neighbors had the same issue. He wanted the company that made the units to take care of it.

    "It's where they've added the freon in the past down there," said David Nardelli.

    Nardelli says his 4-year-old upstairs Lennox Air Conditioner has had two evaporator coils since 2009.

    Standing in his attic, Nardelli told Action 9 that one contractor made the repair and another one gave an opinion, but both said the coil had defects.

    "Both companies that came and looked at it told me that the coil was defective," said Nardelli.

    Lennox replaced the leaking coil under warranty, but Nardelli is upset that they refused to reimburse the nearly $1,200 he paid for freon and labor, or extend his warranty.

    "Pretty much they said your warranty is your warranty, once its up its nothing we can do about it," said Nardelli.

    After checking his neighborhood's Facebook Page, Nardelli discovered that 15 of his neighbors had the same issue with their Lennox Air Conditioners.

    Nardelli decided to take up their fight against the company.

    "I'd like them to say, hey we realize that the people in this neighborhood have an issue," said Nardelli.

    Action 9 got in touch with Lennox and a spokesperson said their policy is to provide the highest quality product.

    The company wrote Nardelli promising to help. Nardelli sent them his bills and his neighbors bills and is waiting to see how much help they will get.

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