• Action 9: Man says tax office never credited his account

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Michael Drummond has two cars. Last year he paid $360 to cover his personal property tax bill on the cars, but the Mecklenburg County Tax Office never credited his account.

    "What happened, I had sent the payment as I had done the previous six or seven years," said Drummond, who discovered the tax office applied his payment to another Michael Drummond's real estate taxes.

    The tax office said when it received Drummond's online bank payment the check didn't have a bill number. Without matching the address it credited the payment to the wrong person.

    Drummond met with tax officials and they told him they would try to get his money back.

    "I said, 'How can I make all this go away?' They told me well, I could pay it again. I said, 'Would you pay it again?'" said Drummond.

    Drummond refused and had gotten a steady stream of past-due letters from the tax office charging interest and threats to seize his cars.

    "I'm upset about it and I figured I had to call somebody who would be able to help me out of this situation," said Drummond.

    So Action 9 went to the tax office to get some answers.

    Tax Director Neil Dixon admitted someone in his office had made a mistake.

    "It was an unintentional human error. The person matched the name, didn't match the address. I can guarantee you, he will match the address the next time," said Dixon.

    Dixon then gave Drummond credit for the payment and zeroed his balance.

    Drummond is happy but said the next time he pays his taxes, he'll make sure to include his bill number.

    "I guess I have learned something from this experience," said Drummond.

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    Action 9: Man says tax office never credited his account