Action 9 tracks down man behind EatWorkPlay, asks him about refunds

Action 9 tracks down man behind EatWorkPlay, asks him about refunds

CHARLOTTE — Davon Bailey operated EatWorkPlay, which was going to host a gala in November where proceeds would benefit Levine Children’s Hospital.

EWP was going to have a gala last November. EWP advertised the proceeds would benefit Levine Children's Hospital.

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However, EWP abruptly canceled days before the event.

The company promised to give people's money back but weeks passed and customers said they were still waiting.

Action 9’s Jason Stoogenke has emailed and called Bailey multiple times over the last several months. He emailed back saying, "Thanks for your note," but didn't say when people could expect their money back.

That conversation happened before Halloween in 2019.

He never responded after that and all the while, customers told Stoogenke they were still waiting for refunds.

Action 9 tracked down Bailey in-person Tuesday for the first time.

Bailey repeatedly told Action 9 that an official statement coming soon, but he didn’t say when and where that would be.

So far, Action 9 knows of two people who have been refunded. Those two individuals filed formal complaints with the North Carolina Attorney General's Office. Others are still in limbo.

Atrium Health officials said Tuesday EWP still hadn’t given money to the hospital.

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