• Action 9: Woman said auto store put her car battery in wrong

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman said she got the runaround for months after a Charlotte auto store put her car battery in wrong.

    The store agreed to foot her repair bill, but it took a visit from Action 9's Don Griffin to get the ball rolling.

    Connie Ellington popped the hood on her car to show Action 9 what happened when an auto store technician installed her battery incorrectly.

    "The next we saw was a big cloud of smoke come," said Ellington.

    The car blew out fuses and her transmission module.

    Ellington said Advance Auto Parts on Sugar Creek Road told her to get the car towed and repaired and bring them the bill, which totaled more than $1,300.

    "They agreed up front that they would be responsible for it, but every time I called, I got a roadblock after roadblock," said Ellington.

    Ellington said she has received the runaround since July, trying to get Advance Auto Parts to reimburse her.

    "It makes me feel like I don't want to use that business anymore, and I was a good customer," said Ellington.

    Action 9 went to Advance Auto Parts to find out about Ellington's money.

    The manager of the store referred Action 9 to its corporate office. The company sent Ellington a check for $1,307.

    Ellington is happy but has advice for others.

    "Whatever happens to your car and somebody else is responsible for it, get it in writing," said Elllington.

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    Action 9: Woman said auto store put her car battery in wrong