• Action 9: Woman tries to get her house cleaned up after flood damage

    By: Don Griffin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A woman is still trying to get her house cleaned up after a flood damaged it last year, but when she received an insurance check, she had a whole new battle to deal with.

    Linda Booth still needs to put her house back together after a flood last year.

    "This is the line of the water that got on the sofa," said Booth.

    Booth's insurance gave her money to buy new furniture and carpet, pay contractors and finish repairs.

    The check for more than $11,000 was made out to her and the Small Business Administration, which loaned her money after a food 15 years ago.

    Booth sent the check to the SBA for their signature, but said they applied it to her outstanding loan.

    "I knew it was unfair what they did, because I was paying on my loan," said Booth.

    Booth said she complained to the SBA, but couldn't convince them to return with the money.

    "I need it back to pay bills with, bills that I did pay, that I use to put the house back together," said Booth.

    So I called the SBA and talked to someone in their legal department.

    The spokesperson investigated and called back to say that they had issue Booth a check for the full $11,134.

    They also called Booth to give her the good news.

    Booth's reaction, "I am finally going to get my house painted, thank you so much."

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    Action 9: Woman tries to get her house cleaned up after flood damage