Activist group accuses Wells Fargo of investing in companies detaining immigrants

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Wells Fargo is facing another scandal.

The non-profit group "Action NC" rallied in uptown Charlotte Tuesday afternoon outside the bank's headquarters on South Tryon street.

The group said Wells Fargo Finances Debt owns millions in stock in two companies that own and manage prisons used to detain immigrants.

"We want them to close out their accounts with these companies and stop lending to them and for them to put pressure on the Trump Administration to do the right thing," Hector Vaca from Action NC said.

Channel 9 investigated and found other banks including Bank of America own stock in those same two companies.

Channel 9 reached out to Wells Fargo for a comment and the bank says it does not own shares in the companies, but rather Wells Fargo Fund investors do.

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