• Family member says Parsons did not regain custody of children


    SALISBURY, N.C. - Eyewitness News was not allowed inside a Rowan County courtroom Thursday, when a judge made a decision about who would be awarded custody of the Parsons' two youngest children.

    But family members told Channel 9 afterward that for now the children are staying with their aunt and are not going back to their parents, Sandy and Casey Parsons.

    The children were taken from them last summer after their adoptive daughter Erica was reported missing.

    The Sheriff's Office said she had not been seen for two years before that. Investigators are still working to figure out where she is.

    Casey and Sandy Parsons did not speak with Eyewitness News after court, but extended family members on both sides did.

    A family member told Channel 9 the judge told Casey and Sandy Parsons if they want to regain custody of their children they will have to produce Erica Parsons.

    An aunt on Casey's side of the family told Eyewitness News that things are staying the same right now.

    "For today we're just relieved that the kids are staying with their aunt and that things are just the same. Nothing has changed, it's just like it was, so that was a relief for the whole family," said Angela Laubscher, an aunt.

    Sandy's parents said they were relieved as well.

    "It's been horrible, and there's still parts of this that are not over. But this one part is settled for today," said Janet Parsons, grandmother of the children.

    Another family member told Eyewitness News that the aunt who has custody now will be back in court in about 90 days to check in with the judge.

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