• Grand jury indicts Randall Kerrick on voluntary manslaughter

    By: Mark Becker


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Mecklenburg County grand jury indicted a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer on voluntary manslaughter charges in the deadly shooting of an unarmed man.

    The decision comes one week after a separate grand jury rejected the indictment.

    Randall Kerrick is charged with shooting and killing an unarmed man, Jonathan Ferrell, in September.

    Channel 9 reporter Mark Becker noticed the prosecutors from the state’s attorney general’s office had promised to bring more witnesses to testify to Monday’s grand jury, and the indictment shows that there were in fact four witnesses Monday -- two from the police department and two from the State Bureau of Investigation. Last week there were only two witnesses.

    The state attorney general’s office sent out a brief statement saying that the grand jury has indicted Kerrick.

    Channel 9 tried to reach Kerrick’s attorneys for their response, but have not heard back.

    Ferrell’s family made a statement after the decision came down.

    “Of course it makes us feel good. It also makes us feel good that people are still praying and more people continue to pray, as long as they (are) praying for the right reasons. That's all that really matters. And we're just happy that so many people are being touching and praying for our family and for other matters that's going around,” the family said.

    Channel 9 is asking a legal analyst where the case goes from here and what two trips to the grand jury are likely to mean for the case.

    SPECIAL SECTION: Jonathan Ferrell

    Group holds rally in uptown

    Across the way from the courthouse, a crowd of about 50 people gathered at the government center Monday morning.
    The group True Healing Under God, or THUG, organized a prayer gathering Monday morning, praying for justice for Jonathan Ferrell.

    Channel 9 reported the leader of the group, John Barnett, was arrested Friday for driving with a revoked license.
    The prayer gathering was peaceful, but impassioned.

    Supporters told Channel 9 they want to be heard. They said they won't stop until they get justice for Ferrell.

    The prayer gathering started around 9:30 a.m., with a crowd that slowly grew.

    WATCH: Group rallies in support of man shot, killed by CMPD officer

    Several pastors said prayers for justice and spoke about what they think needs to be done, including having diversity training in law enforcement.

    Ferrell's fiancé, Cache Heidel, stood in the back of the crowd and left before the rally ended about an hour after it started.

    Many said they felt it was important for them to be there Monday.

     “This was our moment to have our freedom, our moment for our voices to be heard,” said Jessica Tobias.

    "Let Charlotte know and rest of the world know publicly that citizens in Charlotte will just not sit by and allow this to idly go by the wayside,” said Dwayne Collins, who spoke at prayer gathering.

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    Grand jury indicts Randall Kerrick on voluntary manslaughter