Airline industry shows signs of rebounding from pandemic lockdowns

CHARLOTTE — The Transportation Security Administration is dealing with staffing shortages much like many other industries now in the COVID-19 pandemic while passenger travel picks back up just in time for the Memorial Day rush.

“The airlines are definitely climbing out of it now,” said Ted Reed, airline expert.

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Reed writes about the industry for Forbes magazine.

“Charlotte grew from the 11th busiest airport in the United States to the sixth busiest airport in the United States,” he said.

Charlotte has benefited from being a hub for American Airlines during the pandemic, he said.

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Reed expects things to get close to pre-pandemic levels this weekend and over the summer.

“Trans-Atlantic has not returned yet, and business travel is slowly returning,” Reed said. “But this looks like a pretty good summer for the airlines in terms of volume of passengers.”

In the video at the top of this webpage, reporter Glenn Counts outlines other expectations while taking to the skies.

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