• Albemarle police locate Halloween shooting victim's truck in woods

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    ALBEMARLE, N.C. - The hunt for the suspect continues in Albemarle after a coin shop owner was gunned down in his own store.

    Investigators found the getaway vehicle of the killer Saturday, a white Ford F-150 that belonged to the victim.

    While the investigation into the first murder of 2013 in Albemarle hasn't stopped, people in the community hope officers are getting close to solving the crime.

    "I'm happy they're making progress… maybe they can wrap it up pretty quick," Duncan Robinson said.

    Robinson was at City Lake Park, where investigators found the victim's white F-150 deep in the woods.

    Eyewitness News had the only camera there as a tow truck pulled that truck out of the park.

    "I was just really disappointed in hearing it...and I heard about them down on the lake so I drove down to check on it," Don Russell said.

    Russell knew the victim of the armed robbery and shooting, Roger Gibson, well. Friends say Gibson only opened his store for a few hours each week, usually only to people he knew.

    "He was a very nice fellow," Russell said.

    Russell is shocked that his 81-year-old friend was killed. Police say this surveillance video shows his killer walking into the store. He's only inside for 20 minutes before he walks out carrying two bags and takes off with the truck.

    Gibson later died at the hospital. Police hope the picture of the suspect will help put the criminal behind bars.

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