• All work and no play? Not so for North Carolina, study says

    By: David Purtell, Triangle Business Journal


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - North Carolina may be one of the dominant states in the country when it comes to economic growth, but a recent study says the Tar Heel State has room for improvement when it comes to hard work.

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    North Carolina ranked near the middle of the pack in WalletHub's study to find the hardest-working states in America. At No. 22, N.C. came in ahead of Maine and Missouri while finishing behind Midwest states Wisconsin and Indiana.

    South Carolina ranked 29th. Other N.C. neighboring states — Virginia and Tennessee — ranked No. 9 and No. 16, respectively.

    View this slideshow above to see the top 10 hardest-working states, according to WalletHub.

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