Airline helps little girl reunite with fluffy best friend in Asheville

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — An airline company helped a little girl who left behind her stuffed animal on an airplane at the Asheville Regional Airport, WLOS reported.

The stuffed dog's name is Jailoh and has been like 4-year-old Natalie Coffin’s security blanket for two years.

"I'm gonna say no more trips for you, Jailoh!" Natalie said.

When the family realized Jailoh was missing, Natalie’s mom, Angela Coffin, sent a frantic email to the airport, saying the dog was left behind on an Allegiant Airlines flight.

While family members hoped for a miracle, they told Natalie her best friend was on vacation all this time.

To help, the airport staff even printed a flyer hoping to find the missing toy, but had no luck. Theresa Ellis of Worldwide Flight Services said she refused to write it off as a lost cause, though.

"There was probably no way we'd find the exact pup, so we searched high and low to find one exactly like it, which we did," Ellis said.

Monday morning, the family was escorted to an Allegiant jet where Natalie found her plush co-pilot in the cockpit.

"Jailoh, your dog, he's gone everywhere with us," said the pilot, who documented Jailoh's travels with a photo book that showed the dog having some summer fun, including scuba diving.

"We're so grateful, it's been a very stressful week," Angela said. "Lots of tears, lots of reassuring that Jailoh is fine, that we're gonna get Jailoh back, so we're very happy."

Natalie said she is also happy to be reunited with Jailoh.

Allegiant also gave the family vouchers so they can take another vacation together.