• Anarchist group uses social media to urge protesters to DNC

    By: Scott Wickersham


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The group Anonymous is urging protesters to converge on Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention.

    A Facebook page called “Resist the Charlotte DNC” shows videos of violence and vandalism. Eyewitness News learned more about tactics the group may use to try to cause harm in Charlotte.

    The FBI warned law enforcement in Tampa and Charlotte to prepare.

    The group Anonymous posted a video online telling protesters to “take a stand” while showing people getting violent.

    Channel 9 asked security experts what to expect and how these groups operate. First, they use something called “black bloc tactics,” in which members of the group dress in black to make it hard to distinguish between them.

    Members could also infiltrate legitimate and peaceful marches to incite more violence and a mob mentality.

    Social media helps anarchists to communicate and coordinate instantly. The group tries to attract the media. They also use social media to plan vandalism in areas without police. The Facebook page also shows protesters how to jump a fence or use Silly String to block security cameras.

    Eyewitness News spoke with contractors who said the group won’t be able to block all security cameras, as cameras are installed on many rooftops. One was up as high as the 50th floor of the Bank of America tower.

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    Anarchist group uses social media to urge protesters to DNC