Apartment officials complete screening process of applicants for affordable housing

Apartments continue to screen applicants for affordable housing

CHARLOTTE — Many families need an affordable place to live in Charlotte.

There were 1,400 people who lined up last month at The Mezzanine at Freedom for a chance to live in an affordable apartment.

All applications have been screened.

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Applicants should find out sometime this week if they made it through the first round of screenings.

Information from The Mezzanine:

  • During the first round of application screenings, denials were based on: No income, outstanding rental collection or criminal history
  • Applicants will receive an email or letter (if no email address provided) within the originally promised 30 days and a refund for those denied within 30 days after that.
  • The second round of application screenings is for applicants who were initially approved.
  • People who do not make it through the second round of screening will be refunded. Reasons for not making it through the second round of screenings include: Unverifiable income or income verified too high or too low
  • Once all units are filled, we will let remaining individuals choose to waitlist (for The Mezzanine at Freedom or other property), or a refund (to be mailed)

Hundreds stand in cold, rain to apply for affordable housing at new development

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