Appalachian State fraternity loses university recognition until 2023

BOONE, N.C. — An Appalachian State University fraternity lost its university recognition and has been suspended for breaking multiple school policies, the university said.

Tau Kappa Epsilon was originally suspended for problematic social media posts regarding the chapter, reports of police responding to calls at residential addresses of chapter members, referrals of multiple chapter members for student conduct proceedings and credible accusations of assault on females.

"Regardless of specifics of individual concerns, these instances indicate a persisting pattern sufficient to convince me that Tau Kappa Epsilon does not currently have a culture that is compatible with our policy," said Jeff Cathey, Appalachian State University's director of student engagement and leadership.

The fraternity also didn't follow the requirements of the suspension which was to "cease all activities and functions, both on and off-campus," and "effectively disband for the duration of the suspension period," which led to the fraternity not only being suspended but losing its university recognition.

Having a university's recognition removed in the most severe punishment a university can give.

TKE was also found responsible for violations of the organizational code of conduct during a formal hearing process including failure to comply, violation of the law, violation of university, national, and local policies, regulations and rules, according to the fraternity's conduct history on the university's website.

Leto Copeley, attorney for the family of a former Appalachian State student, said, "unfortunately this fraternity decided its members could follow their own set of rules, regardless of the consequences. Not a single one of the events that caused TKE to lose its recognition would have occurred had TKE members taken the original suspension seriously. Our clients are pleased that Appalachian State took this action to protect its students from further unlawful behavior."

TKE will not be eligible to petition to return to campus as an expansion chapter until fall of 2023.