• Ashe Plantation residents fight dark, murky water

    By: Tina Terry


    MINT HILL, N.C. - Thousands of people in Charlotte could soon pay more for water and sewer service. A new law allows privately-owned water/sewer companies to pass on the cost of water and sewer improvements to customers.

    The plan is drawing criticism from people in a Mint Hill community. Neighbors said they'd been dealing with dirty, smelly water for years.

    "We're paying them to give us dirty water," said Sharon Decker.

    Decker is the president of the Ashe Plantation Homeowners Association. For more than a year she's been complaining about water problems with other neighbors.

    Now neighbors are speaking out against a new law that lets privately owned water and sewer companies pass on a "system improvement" charge to customers. The charge would pay for water and sewer improvements.

    The author of the bill said it could aide people in Ashe Plantation and other areas by helping companies pay for system improvements that could get rid of problems like water discoloration.

    "It allows them to work on these secondary issues, where otherwise they wouldn't, because they couldn't get their money back from that," said Rep. Mike Hager, a Republican from District 112.

    Some neighbors said they are convinced that dilapidated wells are to blame for the water problems, and the new law won't help.

    "I've been here 17 years, I believe that our system is beyond repair," said one neighbor.

    Decker said others don't want to be forced to pay more for water that she said already costs too much.

    "I'm paying $125 a month and it's crazy," Decker said.

    Some neighbors said their only hope is to get on county water.

    In a statement released last week, Aqua praised the new law. Wednesday the company's president said the company hasn't gotten any complaints about water in Ashe Plantation for the last three or four months, other than when workers are flushing the system. He said the water meets drinking standards and the aesthetic issues with the water have been resolved.

    Click here to see Aqua's statement.

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