Asheville IHOP manager assaulted over lack of refills, police say

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — An investigation is underway after reports of an assault at an IHOP in Asheville Thursday morning, police said, WLOS reported.

According to officials, the assault happened around 11:45 a.m. at the IHOP on Tunnel Road after a group of people were upset after they learned that the refills on orange juice were not free at the restaurant.

Authorities said the group caused damage inside the restaurant and assaulted the manager.

“We never want to see anyone injured. Especially over the bill at a restaurant,” said Asheville Police Department spokesperson Christina Hallingse.

A spokesperson with IHOP said another employee was also assaulted, along with the manager and both were taken to a nearby hospital. They have since been released.

“IHOP franchisees work hard to create a safe, welcoming environment for their team members and our guests. The type of unprovoked, violent behavior displayed by this guest has no place in any business and goes against our core values as a brand,” the IHOP spokesperson said in a statement.

Police said they are investigating what happened and looking at security footage from the restaurant to get more details.

No other information has been released.