Attorney general sues repairman investigated by Action 9

Attorney general sues repairman investigated by Action 9

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Viewers have been complaining to Action 9 investigator Jason Stoogenke about John Jackson for nearly a year.

Eleven customers contacted Stoogenke since last fall and said they paid Jackson.

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They said Jackson didn't do the work and wouldn't make things right.

"I called him several times and no answer," customer Brenda Kutzler said.

Michelle Clark said she tried to get him to come back to her home for several weeks.

"Everything is going to be 100% moving forward," Jackson told Stoogenke by phone last October.

Customers said Jackson did not fulfill his obligation and they went to Action 9.

"I called him. He said he'd come back out, didn't hear from him at all," customer Dave Edwards said. "I'm really offended that he operates like that and takes advantage of people -- just taking their money. That's not acceptable."

George Carroll said, "He didn't show up, repeated calls, texts, voicemails unanswered."

Stoogenke called Jackson again.

"I keep getting complaints about you. What's going on?" Stoogenke asked.

"Complaints in regard of what?" Jackson replied.

"All the same. People gave you money. You didn't do the work, as simple as that," Stoogenke said.

Stoogenke took customers' complaints to North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein and stayed in constant communication with him. Now, Stein is suing Jackson and his companies, including Appliance Max, Appliance Maxx and Rapid Response Appliance Repair.

"These people were losing hundreds of dollars, average was over $500. That's real money to anybody," Stein said. "I want to thank you for helping to raise the profile of this issue. We had gotten a couple complaints. You doing a story on it actually helped raise the attention to other people who were victimized."

The judge could issue a temporary restraining order against him in the next week.  That would block Jackson from taking any more jobs -- or money -- while the case works its way through the court.

Action 9 texted Jackson about the lawsuit Wednesday morning.  Jackson hadn't responded by news time.