Ballantyne teen to take gerrymandering resolution before City Council

Ballantyne teen to take gerrymandering resolution before City Council

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 17-year-old Ballantyne teen isn't old enough to vote yet, but she wants to make sure your vote counts.

Lily Kubala plans to take a resolution she wrote before the Charlotte City Council on Monday.

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The resolution looks to put an end to gerrymandering voting districts, which is an issue she believes is at the center of democracy.

Kubala said the way North Carolina's districts were drawn doesn't allow voters to get a fair shake.

"Basically, so when you go to the polls, there's not really a meaningful choice because it's already been gerrymandered so it'll go one way or the other," Kubala said. "In a true democracy, it should be the people choosing the politicians, not the politicians choosing their voters."

The teen told Channel 9 the topic became a big issue for her when she learned about 50 percent of North Carolina voters are Republican but Republicans hold 10 out of 13 congressional seats.

Kubala's resolution calls for an independent commission to redraw district lines, as they do in several other states.

She said she's met with several council members and feels optimistic about her proposal passing.

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