BEAR SIGHTING: 200-pound bear spotted in Morganton feasting on squirrel feeder

MORGANTON, N.C. — A large black bear has become a familiar sight for neighbors in Morganton.

Resident David Scott was able to snap a picture of the bear on its hind legs while it was getting food from his wife’s squirrel feeder.

“We’ve seen about every critter. Coyotes, deer, groundhogs, everything in the world but never a bear. It’s alarming,” Scott said.

Scott said the bear was in no hurry to leave either.

Wildlife experts believe the bear is close to 200 pounds.

Morganton Public Safety officers said they’ve received four different reports of a black bear in the area including one close to Broughton Hospital. Public safety officers said despite all of the sightings, there have been any reports of damage done by bears.

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While some neighbors might be scared by the bear, others in Morganton hope the bear comes around one more time.

“I told my sister I would like for it to come back because I would like to see it,” resident Betty McMahan said.

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The North Carolina Wildlife Commission said the best advice is to keep a safe distance if you see a black bear and back away slowly. The agency said it’s also important to not leave pet food outside and if a bear has been spotted in the area, do not fill bird feeds and hopefully the bear will look elsewhere for food.

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