Beryl becomes first hurricane of 2018 Atlantic season

Beryl becomes first hurricane of 2018 Atlantic season

MIAMI — Once a tropical storm, Beryl has strengthened to become the first hurricane of the 2018 tropical season.

The storm is small, with hurricane force winds extending only 10 miles from the center. Tropical storm force winds extend 35 miles from the eye.

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Severe Weather Center 9 is tracking Hurricane Beryl and the areas it will impact, on Eyewitness News Daybreak.

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Though the storm is expected to remain a hurricane Friday and Saturday, it will weaken as it approaches the Caribbean islands.

Strong upper-level winds are forecast to tear the storm apart next week, possibly weakening it to just a low-pressure center with heavy rain and some gusty winds.

The weakened storm may pass close to Puerto Rico early next week.

As of 5 a.m., the storm was located between the Cabo Verde Islands and the Lesser Antilles.

Forecasters expect it to move westward or west-northwestward at 15 to 20 mph over the tropical Atlantic Ocean.

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