• BMX Championship competitors, spectators battle major heat wave


    ROCK HILL, N.C. - People from around the world are in rock hill getting ready for the BMX world championships.

    This week’s heat wave was a big surprise for some of the visitors.

    Visitors said they’re drinking lots of water and using things like misting tents to stay cool.

    There are visitors here from 48 countries, some of whom said the weather is literally the polar opposite of what they are used to.

    Once inside the venue, there are few places to escape.

    "Coming out of air conditioning into heat it really hits you right in the face," spectator Sonya Langfeldt said.

    Sonya Langfeldt and her sister are here from Australia.

    They said the southern heat has caused a culture shock because it's winter back home.

    "It such a shock to the system after we have been in cool weather back home," Langfeldt said.

    Richard Spencer is from Oregon, but he quickly found a cool spot at the venue.

    It was 60 degrees when he left the Pacific Northwest.

    “The ground temperature is like 120 where we parked," Spencer said.

    Reporter Ken Lemon spoke with people from Amsterdam, Columbia and Peru.

    Some said they have experienced weather this hot, but not this humid.

    Rock Hill city officials said for a year they have posted warnings for racers and attendees.

    "We have tried to give them all the information to know what the weather is going to be like," City of Rock Hill employee John Taylor said.

    The heat can be sneaky.

    It can quickly drain your energy and worse.

    Fiona Langfeldt is set to race in the heat.

    "Lot of fluids. Plenty of electrolytes," Langfeldt said.

    "We have got shade tents put in strategic locations across the track. We are going to do the best we can with what the good Lord provides," Taylor said.

    That information doesn't just apply to visitors.

    There are scores of city workers and volunteers from this area working the event.

    They have also been warned to stay hydrated.

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