• Boyfriend of slain Peach Stand employee: 'She was the love of my life'

    By: Stephanie Tinoco


    YORK COUNTY, S.C. - Devastated, Tevin Izzard recalled the final time he spoke to his girlfriend, Karson Whitesell, before she was shot and killed while working at the Peach Stand in Fort Mill last week.

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    Izzard told Channel 9 his last message to Whitesell was telling her he loved her.

    The couple shared thousands of text messages over the past two and a half years.

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    "She had texted me and I texted her back and that was it,” Izzard said. "It's been heartbreaking. I just wish I was there to protect her."


    Izzard showed Channel 9 the last message he sent Whitesell before, according to police, 28-year-old Christopher Mendez walked into the Peach Stand and fired shots.

    Over the past few days, Channel 9 has spoken to Whitesell’s family and friends, all of whom said she loved people freely and people loved her too.

    "One of the nicest persons you'll ever meet,” Izzard said. “She was an amazing person.”

    An emotional Izzard wanted people to know he will always love Whitesell.

    “She was amazing, beautiful and she was the love of my life,” Izzard said.

    Mendez, from Lancaster, is charged in Whitesell’s murder. Detectives are still investigating the motive.

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