Buzzer-beating half-court shot nets win for Lincolnton High School basketball team

LINCOLNTON, N.C. — It’s a scene that many student-athletes dream of and usually only see on SportsCenter, but Lincolnton High School’s Eian Stancil can confidently say he knows what it’s like to sink a big game-winning shot.

“When I shot it, it stayed in the air for like five seconds,” Stancil told Channel 9. “It took forever to get in there.”

Check it out for yourself. Lincolnton High School posted a video of Stancil heaving a basketball from beyond the half-court line during Tuesday’s game against Newton-Conover. The game was in overtime with the score tied and the seconds winding down, and then this happened:

The crowd erupted into cheers after Stancil’s swish, and his teammates were joined by spectators as they stormed the court to celebrate the last-second win.

The varsity senior said winning the game felt like a long shot.

“In the fourth quarter, I missed a free throw,” he said. “It would’ve tied it. I got lucky enough that they missed a free throw.”

Lincolnton won the game 47-44 thanks to the senior’s three-point Hail Mary throw.

Stancil is tenacious on and off the court.

“Play as hard as you can,” Stancil said. “No matter what type of adversity you’re going through because there’s always a chance for a comeback.”

Stancil finished with nine points, four assists, three rebounds, and one story that we’re sure he’ll be telling for a while.

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