• Car accident pushes woman to fight to lower highway speed limit

    By: Greg Suskin


    YORK COUNTY, S.C. - Danielle Faile is still recovering five days after a car accident outside of her home.

    "There's lots of pain. It's a daily battle," Faile said.

    Her Honda Accord was totaled when she was rear-ended by a pickup truck Thursday on Highway 5 at Brookhollow Drive. She was trying to turn into her neighborhood.

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    "I grabbed my steering wheel and pushed the brake, and that's the last thing I remember," she said.

    An ambulance took her to a hospital, and the driver who hit her was not hurt. Faile first contacted the South Carolina Department of Transportation nearly one year ago to try and get the 55-mph speed limit lowered.

    She didn't' hear back from the agency. After the wreck, she's started an online petition hoping to get enough names to turn heads.

    "The speed limit is just too high. It's entirely too high," she said.

    Lin Hamilton, who lives across Highway 5, agrees. The accident happened in his front yard where there are still pieces of both cars. 

    He's had to replace his mailbox five times because wrecks took them down.

    "I'm afraid that we're going to see blood out here one day and it's not going to be pretty," he said. "I think it's time to get somebody's attention and just ask why?"

    The question Hamilton and others want to be answered is, “Why the speed limit was raised to 55 mph after a traffic signal was installed at nearby Park Place Road.  

    The speed limit drops to 35 mph past Faile’s neighborhood heading into York. 

    She believes the 35-mph limit should start about a half-mile further out at Park Place Road at the traffic light, which would slow traffic coming into town. 

    Channel 9 contacted DOT engineers Tuesday to ask about how the speed limit was set here and to see if other complaints have been filed and are waiting to hear back from the agency.

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