Card skimmers discovered inside two Ballantyne pharmacies

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Card skimmers were discovered on keypads at two CVS pharmacies in Ballantyne, CMPD said.

The locations were at the stores on Rea Road and Conlan Circle in south Charlotte.

['Sophisticated' card skimmer found on Hickory ATM]

“I wouldn't even consider that, because you would think it would be on camera, and the whole thing,” shopper Matt Vazzano said.

Detectives said attaching a reader can be as simple as distracting the clerk, and they are often hard to detect. The skimmers could’ve been on the keypads for hours or even weeks, which makes it hard for investigators to find the surveillance footage.

A clerk said employees didn’t find the skimmer until the keypad stopped working.

“They're getting you from everywhere, I guess, but now you have to worry about going into a store,” Vazzano said. “That's pretty concerning.”

Customers should keep track of their accounts and use credit not debit to avoid giving scammers their PIN numbers.

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