Panthers quarterback Cam Newton sued for damages at Beverly Hills mansion

BEVERLY HILLS, Ca. — Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is being sued over damages to a mansion in Beverly Hills, California. obtained the lawsuit filed by Jared Pobre, the husband of former WWE star Stacy Keibler, against Newton.

The MVP quarterback is being sued for more than $270,000.

According to court documents, Pobre manages a luxury home rental company that leased an $11 million home to Newton in March, following the Super Bowl.

The lawsuit says Newton paid $123,000 to rent the home for 61 days with the agreement that there would be no parties or smoking.

The court documents say that after Newton moved out, Pobre had to replace a rug valued at $32,930. Other damages included destroyed bath towels and linens, damaged toilets and water damage to wood floors, damage to the walls near the kitchen and stains in the driveway, the lawsuit says.

The lawsuit says Pobre tried to collect more than $90,000 from Newton for the damage, but it was never paid. It says the damages took more than two months to repair, which resulted in lost rent of $72,000 a month. said Newton’s representatives have not commented on the lawsuit.

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