Carolinas among slowest states to recover economically, study says

Carolinas among slowest states to recover economically, study says

CHARLOTTE — A new study shows which states are recovering the fastest and the Carolinas are among the worst.

WalletHub ranked states based on how quickly they’re recovering economically.

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The study looked at which state was closest economically to where it was before the pandemic.

South Carolina ranked 40 in the country, and North Carolina was 44.

If you compare the number of unemployment claims the first week of the year with last week, South Carolina was 127% higher last week. North Carolina was 718% higher.

The study doesn’t look at the health aspect, such as how the states are doing with COVID-19 cases.

“Some states are temporarily pausing their reopening processes due to COVID-19 spikes, which is necessary but may slow down job growth,” the study indicated.

Andre Carpenter said he has had an especially difficult past few months.

He told Action 9's Jason Stoogenke he was working at a restaurant in the Park Road Shopping Center. He said he lost so many hours of work that he decided to go on unemployment.

He is also late on rent.

“Mentally, I’m trying to be in a good place,” Carpenter said. Financially, I’m definitely not in a good place. I feel like if the pattern continues in the same manner and I don’t get the money, it’s like I can be on the street possibly. So, it’s scary. I’m just trying to give it to God, honestly, but it’s really scary. It’s really scary.”

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