Carowinds' newest roller coaster is almost ready to 'strike'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Crews are making good progress on Carowinds' newest roller coaster.

The Copperhead Strike launches you from zero to 42 mph in only 2.5 seconds and flips riders upside down five times.

[GALLERY: Carowinds announces first-ever double launch roller coaster in the Carolinas]

The roller coaster's track has been laid and workers are in the process of building the loading barn.

Channel 9 was at Carowinds last fall for a behind-the scenes look after construction started.

The Copperhead Strike is the park's 14th roller coaster and is scheduled to open in March.

Channel 9 will be at Carowinds Wednesday morning to hear the latest on the high-speed roller coaster's progress. 

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