Case of West Nile virus confirmed in Rock Hill

Case of West Nile virus confirmed in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. — There’s a case of West Nile Virus in Rock Hill, according to health officials.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control recently alerted York County after a person living in Rock Hill tested positive for the mosquito-transmitted virus.

According to the DHEC website, most people infected with West Nile virus have no symptoms. The risk of serious illness is low. You can learn more about the symptoms and treatment here.

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DHEC has recommended spraying for mosquitoes within a 1-mile radius of Marshall and East Black streets.

A contractor will begin spraying at 10 p.m. Tuesday, and it could take about four to five hours to complete the job. The contractor will use a product called Aqua-Reslin -- while the material is not harmful to people, pets, other insects, and gardens, it’s not recommended to be directly in the path of the spray. Beekeepers within the 1-mile radius are also advised to cover hives that night.

Residents are being asked to dump standing water from around their homes, such as water in flowerpots, rain gutters and pet bowls. They are also asked to use insect repellent, keep skin covered and keep windows and doors closed.

Emergency Management Director Chuck Haynes said it’s been a year since the county had a human West Nile case.

“About this time last year we had a West Nile case, almost in the same area, and ya know, same things happening, same contractor, same routine," Haynes said.

Haynes said the most recent case was reported to DHEC two weeks ago, but it takes agencies time to coordinate a response. He said there’s nothing for residents to worry about and the spray will work.

“Even though we are two, two and a half weeks behind the actual positive case, it’s still gonna be an effective measure,” he said.

A neighbor who knows the person who got sick told Channel 9′s South Carolina bureau reporter that the person spent a few weeks in the hospital, and recently got out, and is now OK.

No details about where the person got the virus have been released.

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