• CAUGHT ON CAMERA: 5-foot black bear spotted in Maiden

    By: Dave Faherty


    MAIDEN, N.C. - A black bear was spotted in Maiden Thursday night at the Red Wolf Farm.

    So far, the bear has only been spotted at night.

    At first, the farmer thought it might be some deer eating the corn, but images from a camera he set up nearby showed different.

    “You can see that one is bent up,” said farmer Josh Grant.

    Grant showed Channel 9 the large tubs that hold corn on the property and the photos of the bear getting ready to jump on the fencing he placed over the tubs to keep deer and squirrels out.

    “We knew a deer didn’t bend that cattle panel so I set up a camera,” Grant said.

    Feet away from the corn, Grant set up the camera hoping to capture images of whatever was eating his corn at the farm.

    One of those images included a close-up photo of the bear’s face.

    Grant’s wife Amanda didn’t want her husband investigating the late-night prowler in the dark.

    "He told me, ‘there's something out there. I know there's something out there. The dogs are barking. The clanking is really loud.’ I said, ‘Don't go out there. Wait until it is gone,’" she said.

    Channel 9 texted a photo to a wildlife officer who believes the bear is a young male weighing between 150 and 200 pounds.    

    They said Grant may have to set up an electric fence to keep the bear away.  

    Grant hopes the bear is just passing through the area and will move out on his own.  

    "So far he hasn't hurt anything. I haven't lost any livestock my chickens, ducks, or turkeys.  I don't think he is looking for any animals to kill but you might want to watch your small dogs," Grant said.

    Wildlife officers said the bear will most likely move out of the area if it can't get to the food.   

    A bear was also spotted in Maiden last summer near a chuch. Click here to read that story.

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