CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Driver almost reaches 200 mph on NC highway

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Driver almost reaches 200 mph on NC highway

William Jefferson

WAKE COUNTY, N.C. — A 22-year-old North Carolina driver has been charged with street racing and reckless driving after authorities say he reached speeds of 190 mph.

ABC affiliate WTVD reported that William Jefferson was behind the wheel, speeding on US 1 near the Triangle Expressway in Wake County last month.

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The Highway Patrol said somebody sent them the seven-minute YouTube clip as part of a complaint.

"It's one reason why I don't want my kids on the roads late at night," said Maryanne McAdams, a mother from of Holly Springs. "I don't have a driver yet -- we're about a year away but it's that kind of stuff that makes me really nervous."

The video shows Jefferson in his Dodge Challenger "Hellcat" driving nearly 130 mph over the speed limit on US 1. In addition, the video shows Jefferson take the car over 100 mph in a 40 mph zone.

"I don't think that road is particularly dangerous but anybody going 198 mph and it's going to be particularly dangerous," McAdams said. "It's really a miracle that nobody was hurt or killed in that."

Jefferson has a clean record except for a few traffic violations.

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