Police arrest 1 of 3 men caught on camera robbing cellphone store at gunpoint

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police have arrested one of three men caught on camera robbing an east Charlotte cellphone store at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon.

The robbery happened at the Boost Mobile off Albemarle Road.

"Leaving here at 8:00, I just want to go home and hug my kids. It's traumatizing," employee Sylvia Walker said.

Walker said she was working inside the Boost Mobile when three men robbed the store at gunpoint in minutes.

Police identified one of the suspects as Eric Suggs and are still searching for the other men involved. Suggs faces several charges including second-degree kidnapping and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

(Eric Suggs)

In the surveillance video, you can see one of the suspects point a gun directly at Walker.

"You're scared, you're shocked, you're like how could this happen," Walker said.

Walker said four employees were inside the store at the time of the robbery.

"They ran over there and got the cash register first. In the meantime, I was back here, in the room sorting out accessories, they came and got me and the gentleman kicked in this door," Walker said.

In the surveillance video, the store's owner and a friend were seen sitting on a couch when one of the suspects hit the owner on the head with a gun.

Moments later, another suspect was seen in another room, removing things from a vault.

Walker said it is her second month working at the store and the second time the store has been robbed in a month.

Past coverage of cellphone shop robberies: 

Channel 9 obtained surveillance video from Feb. 14 when a man entered the store, pointed a gun at an employee and demanded money.

The owner said they plan to add extra security to the store such as both doors will be locked and customers will have to buzz their way in.

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