Cedar Fair announces $50M investment in Carowinds

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On Monday officials from Cedar Fair, the company that owns Carowinds announced a $50 million investment in the amusement park.

Eyewitness News has been gathering details on the plan since early Monday morning, following a tip that Carowinds was ready to make a major investment in Charlotte.

At the Charlotte Chamber Board of Advisers meeting, Cedar Fair said it plans to add new rides and attractions on land, on the North Carolina side of the park in Charlotte as well as more concessions and games.

They said it will make Carowinds the fourth-largest park that they own.

Their biggest is Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.

They said on top of some locals hired during the construction process, the finished expanded park will create an addition 270 seasonal jobs and 15 full-time jobs.

Every few years Carowinds gets a new ride or attraction, but nothing like the announcement that was made on Monday afternoon.

"It is very important. A lot of people enjoy themselves and have a good time," said John Dean of Rock Hill.

Pat Tosto said her grandchildren already enjoy the park.

"I am from the north, so Cedar Point is the big thing," said Tosto, who said if they made Carowinds bigger that it would be awesome.

She can't wait to see what rides they add to the 64 rides already at the park.