EXCLUSIVE: Channel 9 speaks with President Trump during his Charlotte visit

Ch. 9?s Allison Latos had an exclusive interview with President Trump during his Charlotte visit

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Before President Donald Trump took the stage at Central Piedmont Community College Friday for his administration’s first regional Opportunity Now summit, he took questions from anchor Allison Latos, in an exclusive one-on-one television interview.

Earlier this week, the Senate voted to acquit Trump on articles of impeachment.

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Latos asked: “It has been a big week for you with the vote in the Senate. Looking back though, do you have any regrets about your call with President Zelensky?”

“No, I don’t,” said Trump. “I did nothing wrong. Most people acknowledge that. Most of the senators acknowledge that and those that said, ‘You shouldn’t have made the call,' you’ve got to make calls. Are we supposed to hide? Are we supposed to not talk to people? It was a total hoax perpetrated by Pelosi and the Democrats.”

“How does your office work to unify this country and work with the Democrats who just tried to remove you from office?” asked Latos.

“I think success does that, really,” responded Trump. “We’re having tremendous success. The greatest success we’ve ever had in our country.”

The president touts the economy as a reason for reelection.

FULL INTERVIEW: Allison Latos speaks with President Trump

In August, his effort to win another term will take center stage in Charlotte, when the city hosts the Republican National Convention.

“How important are the Carolinas to you for your re-election campaign?” Latos asked.

"Very, very important and I'll be here a lot," said Trump.

Trump said he is not worried about protests during the RNC.

“There are always protests but we handle them,” he said. “We chose this state for a reason. We like it. We like the people.”

There were protests and supporters outside CPCC ahead of Trump’s visit today but each took different sides of the street.

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