Chancellor Adams grandmother, Saundra, receives 'American Hero' award

Chancellor Adams grandmother, Saundra, receives 'American Hero' award

The Walter Camp Football Foundation has honored a Charlotte grandmother for her heroism.

Saundra Adams was named this year's “American Hero.”

Former Carolina Panthers wide receiver Rae Carruth is in prison for hiring someone to kill Saundra Adam's daughter, Cherica Adams, in 1999.

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(Cherica Adams)

Cherica Adams died, but the baby she was carrying, Chancellor Lee Adams survived.

Chancellor has cerebral palsy as a result.

Saundra Adams has cared for Chancellor ever since.

“I'm very honored to be the 'American Hero,' but I thought I was doing just what any grandmother would do, step up and raise her child,” Saundra Adams said.

Chancellor is 17 years old.

Saundra Adams said he is the real hero in this terrible situation.

Carruth is set to be released from prison next year. He has never met Chancellor.

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(Rae Carruth)

Saundra said she and her grandson hope to be there when Carruth is released.

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