Changes at NC prisons will address safety issues

Changes at NC prisons will address safety issues

Prison fence  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

RALEIGH, NC — The NC Division of Prisons said Monday it's making major changes at several facilities to address safety, security, and operational needs.

The Lanesboro Correctional Institution in Polkton will be converted into a women's prison and will be renamed the Anson Correctional Institution.

The Southern Correctional Institution in Troy and Eastern Correctional Institution in Maury - which are currently prisons for women - will be converted into high-security men's prisons.

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"We are converting the facilities to enhance safety and security and improve management of close custody male inmates who require greater supervision by moving them into smaller facilities and smaller housing units," explained Director of Prisons Kenneth Lassiter.

The North Carolina prison system has been under scrutiny following the deaths of five prison employees at the hands of inmates in 2017.

Prisoners armed with scissors and hammers killed four workers inside the sewing plant at Pasquotank Correctional Institute in October.

Another worker died at the Bertie Correctional Institution in April.

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