• Charlotte airport officials monitoring winter weather


    Airport officials said they are monitoring a winter storm heading toward the Charlotte area on a busy travel weekend.

    The storm will hit Friday and Saturday as crowds flock to Charlotte for the NFC Championship game in uptown Sunday. It's expected to have a major impact and bring snow and ice.

    "The airport is in close contact with our airline partners and continues to monitor weather conditions," said Lee Davis, an airport representative. "We are prepared to implement necessary measures, if needed." 


    Davis said the airport has 36 de-icing trucks at the ready. It also uses a mixture of liquid designed for pavement de-icing on the airfield. The mixture helps reduce the freeze point of precipitation.


    Late Wednesday night airport officials said a traffic management system in effect for traffic arriving would cause some flights to be delayed an average of 40 minutes.

    Airlines began issuing warnings to travelers Wednesday.

    Delta relaxed flight change rules for passengers traveling through 19 airports along the east coast. Those airports stretch as far south as Virginia. 


    American Airlines told Channel 9 that passengers should expect significant delays and cancellations. The storm is affecting three of their hubs, including Charlotte.

    American Airlines issued travel alerts to even more airports Wednesday. The alerts included airports in Raleigh, Asheville and Greensboro but not Charlotte. 

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