Charlotte asks citizens to use #CLTisPrime to attract Amazon

Charlotte asks citizens to use #CLTisPrime to attract Amazon

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte is pulling out all the stops to try and lure Amazon's second headquarters and is trying to recruit citizens to help.

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce unveiled #CLTisPrime and is asking everyone to use it to help tell Amazon Charlotte is the prime location for the new investment.

This is a multibillion-dollar deal that every major city in the country wants to land.

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Amazon said a second headquarters would create 50,000 with an average pay of more than $100,000, and it would have a $5 billion economic impact.

There is no cap on how much money the state could offer Amazon.

One pot of money could come from an incentive program called the One North Carolina Fund.

That grant could give Amazon $5,000 per job for five years, and that amounts up to $250 million a year.

The second part of the incentive package would come through the job development investment grant, and that money is unlimited.

Amazon has said it's looking for a city with more than 1 million people, a stable business-friendly environment and a community with the amenities and schools to attract top talent.

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