Charlotte boutiques benefit from mask sales

Charlotte boutiques benefit from mask sales

CHARLOTTE — Employees at KK Bloom in Myers Park said they’ve already sold hundreds of stylish masks, and they said the demand is increasing.

Stylist Carolina Van Nort showed Channel 9 the various styles of masks they’re selling at the store.

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She said they’ve been selling out of masks on most weekends, and it was no different Friday when North Carolina’s mask mandate went into effect.

“I was here on Friday, and I saw a lot more people coming with masks, and a lot of people coming in coming to get masks, wanting to ditch the just blue. I don’t think anyone thought they’d last this long,” Van Nort said.

Van Nort said customers who’ve patronized the store for more than 10 years have been helping them bounce back from the pandemic. She said people want to shop local, and masks are helping to make that happen.

“People come in and buy six or eight masks and, like, that’s $100 worth of masks. That’s kind of crazy. We all thought six months ago, ‘Who would have thought we’d be selling this much money in masks alone?’ I think it’s helping us get back on our feet from the pandemic,” Van Nort said.

At Boem in South Park, the store sold 38 masks Thursday and to keep up with the demand, the store ordered 500 more from their vendors.

Across the parking lot, Reece Boutique opened a brick-and-mortar location over the weekend. For two years, customers could only buy clothes online or at pop-up stores. Owner Jordan Holt said her manager is now handmaking masks for sale.

“It’s way easier, and I’m more comfortable with her making them and knowing where they are coming from and everything, and how she’s making that and all that. Just for my customers,” Holt said.