• MUST SEE: Couple finds snake in spice cabinet, eating egg


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte couple received quite the slithery surprise in their farmette kitchen last weekend.

    Laura Neff said she was enjoying a typical Sunday afternoon when she heard a noise in the kitchen. When she went to inspect, she said she found a large rat snake crawling out of her spice cabinet and lowering itself toward a basket of fresh eggs on the counter.

    WATCH: Woman who finds snake in home talks to Channel 9

    Neff was able to capture the encounter on video and uploaded it to YouTube.

    (WARNING: Video contains language)

    View on YouTube

    She said the snake was able to get into the home through a hole in the laundry room floor (which has since been covered with a concrete block and will soon be filled).

    Many people were amazed that the couple didn't freak out. 

    It helped knowing that the snake isn't poisonous, Neff said.

    “A lot of people on social media have asked ‘How did you stay so calm?’” Neff said. “It helped knowing that this snake doesn't care about us. It just wants a meal.”

    They used two brooms to pick up the snake and let it escape through an open window.

    "It took a good 15 minutes or so to get its bulk maneuvered under the brooms and out the window," Neff said.  

    Yes, they let it finish eating the egg.

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    MUST SEE: Couple finds snake in spice cabinet, eating egg

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