Charlotte family terrified after drive-by shooting

Charlotte family terrified after drive-by shooting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte family is terrified and the children are scared to walk to their bus stop after someone shot into their home Thursday morning.

As of Friday night, police are still looking for the person who fired the shots into the home on Crossridge Road in northwest Charlotte.

Homeowner Faith Gray said even though no one inside was hurt, her family’s sense of security was shaken.

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“At 3:25 in the morning, I heard ‘boom, boom, boom,’” Gray said. “It was really scary because I woke up like ‘What’s going on?”

Gray wondered at first why someone would target her home with her family of five sleeping inside. She said the shots barely missed her teenage son, who fell asleep on a chair in the family room.

Two of the bullets fired actually hit the home, Gray said.

“It went through the storm door, through the entry door, to the foyer door and through the window wall to the dining room wall,” she said. “They found six casings out in the street.”

Gray’s 14-year-old daughter told her that following the drive-by, she's now scared to go out to the street in front of their home. Gray said social services did come by to offer counseling services for the family.

Gray noted that to help with peace of mind, they’ll be installing security cameras.