Charlotte homicide rate down nearly 50 percent from 2017

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte has had 26 murders this year, almost half as many as this time in 2017.

While homicide investigators aren’t nearly as busy this year compared to last year, that has given them a chance to play catch-up and work on older cases.

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Milton Road residents, in northeast Charlotte, woke up to the city's most recent murder Thursday morning after a jogger found a body.

"Coming out and seeing this, it’s not something new, but it is kind of surprising that it's right here, nearly behind my house,” said nearby resident Sarah Masueni.

Police scenes like the one on Milton Road are a lot less common than a year ago.

There were 46 murders at this point last year, which means there's been a drop of nearly 50 percent in 2018.

One of the areas of greatest improvement is domestic homicides.

This time last year there were 13, compared to seven this year.

We’re really happy to see that and we’re hoping it's because more people are accessing services,” said Karen Parker, with Safe Alliance, which helps victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

During the height of last year’s homicide spike, police and domestic violence advocates put on a full court press to attack the issues.

While domestic violence murders are down, the number of people seeking help is up.

"It's not that the problem is getting worse; people know there are resources and people are not standing by as much as they used to,” Parker said. “People are saying something when they see domestic violence."

Still, Charlotte residents believe 26 murders is still way too much.

"Four to five years ago, you could walk the streets in peace,” Charlotte resident Donald Moore said. “Now, between that light and that apartment complex all hell breaks loose."