Charlotte leaders react to repeal of HB2

Charlotte leaders react to repeal of HB2

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Separating herself from the positive response to the repeal of HB2 from the majority of city leaders, Mayor Jennifer Roberts doubled down on her position Friday.

"I recognize that this is not a full repeal because there is still a four-year moratorium," Roberts said.  "It continues to have our LGBT community be second-class citizens."

We asked Roberts for her response to the people who have blamed her and the city of Charlotte for all that's happened over the last year.

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"I would say that our values are, we are a welcoming and inclusive city and that we have always expressed those values," she said.

The mayor wouldn't comment on whether she thought the bill was enough to draw back the ACC Championship and NCAA Tournament games.

But Bob Morgan, with the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce, said Charlotte is now in a position to get them back.

"We're going to make the case to those sports organizations just like we're going to make it to the companies that we're dealing with, that a bipartisan, compromised solution for a repeal of HB2 has happened."

Morgan says they've been speaking with a lot of companies that are willing to consider North Carolina and Charlotte for business and have been waiting for a solution to HB2.

"We weren't shut down by HB2. We've continued to grow," Morgan said. "But for HB2, in my opinion, we would've seen record growth over the last year.  We have an opportunity to set some new records now going forward."