Charlotte may eliminate trash removal services for some

CHARLOTTE — Channel 9 investigated after concerns over whether the city plans to eliminate trash removal service to some Charlotte homeowners. 

Leaders of Community Association Management showed Channel 9 an email exchange with leaders of Solid Waste Services.

It read the proposed change would affect all complexes with more than four units in Charlotte, including those receiving curbside rollout service from city crews, as well as those on city-contracted dumpster/compactor.

"Then they're having to pay out of pocket to contract with a third party for trash and recycle service," said Derek Greene, president of Community Association Management. 

Greene and homeowners who would be affected are concerned about the possibility. 

"Having a higher fee outside of what would you normally pay in taxes is just ridiculous," said Billy Shugart, who owns a townhome in Fourth Ward.

A representative for the city said the topic is part of budget talks and stressed nothing is set in stone.

Officials with Solid Waste Services, Community Management Authority and City Council are supposed to meet and discuss the issue as soon as Friday.

A city representative said a vote won't happen until May.

City Council member John Autry said Wednesday that a recent study showed eliminating trash removal service for some homeowners and renters could mean big savings for the city.

"If we don't have to pay for dumpsters, contract an outside party for (them), I believe we're going to save a few million dollars," he said.

"It is unfair, especially taking away a service that taxpayers are paying for," Greene said. "One taxpayer gets the service, the other taxpayer doesn't. It creates another class system."

City Council members said Wednesday that budget woes make the conversation necessary, but at the same time they want to be fair.

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